Acoustic wall pictures

Acoustic wall pictures

Combine acoustic sound absorption with visual art pictures.

The foils are spanned with springs between stainless steel bolts mounted on wall or on an aluminum frame.

The advantage is that the foils can be easily replaced and maintained.

New possibilities for artists and graphic designers:

3d acoustic sound absorbing visual art picture are designed through combination of printed translucent and transparent foils behind each other.

Putting a source of light behind leads to enhanced a room design which is not possible with standard acoustic pictures.

We help you to design your individual picture, no matter if it’s just some special color, a visual art motif or a design with your logo or products or other CI elements..

Technical specifications

Combine acoustic sound absorption with visual art pictures


Technical specifications

The high level of noise absorption results from the micro-perforation.

The holes in the patented foil have a diameter of approx. 0.2mm and are spaced 2mm apart.

The conversion from noise to thermal energy mainly occurs at the edges of the holes.

Reverberation times and sound levels are reduced significantly.

We advise a distance of 30 to 100 mm to the sound-reflecting surface. Optimal effects are achieved by using two layers of acoustic foils. By having a distance of 30 mm between the two layers the acoustic spectrum of absorption is broadened.

All building materials are class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102 and therefore not easy ignitable. The poly carbonate foil is UV-stabilized and non-static.