Vital Office founder Peter Jordan speaks at Hong Kong City University

Hong Kong Conference aims to make Feng Shui More Scientific

Straubenhardt, January 2009. The Vital Office group, specialist for office optimization, presents their holistic concept of healthy office worlds on 20. February at the “4th internationally Conference on Scientific Feng Shui & Build Environment” at the City University of Hong Kong. Managing director Peter Jordan thereby shows in his lecture „Tuning for offices“, how offices can be optimized with the help of Feng Shui philosophy.

Vital Office aims to bring more live qualities into the office space. The enterprise sets on a combination of ergonomic office planning and furniture design, modern building biology and Feng Shui as traditional way of enhancing spatial arrangement. Feng Shui is no longer belittled as Asian „hocus pocus philosophy“, and is a part in modern architecture and space planning. Therefore the „Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings“ (AIIB) and „Department of Building & Construction“ of the City University of Hong Kong now aim to make Feng Shui more scientific. Well known referees from all over the world contribute to „4th International Conference on Scientific Feng Shui & Build Environment”. Also Vital Office founder Peter Jordan will speaks to the topic „Feng Shui Tuning For Offices“.

Business success depends also on the spatial structure of an office
Vital Office focus on the positive psychological and ergonomic effects of Feng Shui while conceptually design office environments. The enterprise thereby however sets inspiration and creativity into the foreground: So for instance in an office planning which inspires to more (bodily and mental) movement, adequately to the Yin and Yang - symbol for constant dynamics and change. The organic-geometrical structures developed by Vital Office - from the individual desk to the entire office space - associate abundance and free formative space within a order defined by building and room. The intended consequences: Creative innovations and business success.

"I am proud, to present our Vital Office concept at the ‚4th International Conference on Scientific Feng Shui & Build Environment’ beside other well known international scientists“, says Peter Jordan. For the enterprise founder, who speaks regularly on conference as for instance „the Conscious Design Conference" in New York, the participation in the conference in Hong Kong is the provisional high point of his lectures. Jordan shows in his lecture, which advantages organically conceived office worlds will have for the inspiration of the coworkers, their creativity and vitality and in the long run for the competitive ability of the entire enterprise.

About Vital Office GmbH
Vital Office offers professional service ranging from consultation, architecture, building biology and Feng Shui to office planning and design. The enterprise develops holistic solutions, which offer companies more efficiency and humans more quality of life at the workplace. Managing director Peter Jordan was first in developing anthropometric rounded desk systems in Germany. He also designed the first authentic Feng Shui office system, which was awarded with the Gold medal for best Feng Shui Design by well known Feng Shui Masters. With the Vital-Office systems from office optimization up to potential development Vital-Office offers professional services, to initiate effectiveness in organizations, management and work-environment. The principle is to work with the people involved. Changes happen from inside and in the way of the organization. Beyond that Vital Office produces its own office furniture design selection, from exclusive desks and conference tables up to ergonomic desk systems according to Feng Shui criteria. Vital Office consists of various experts in each field and offers full size service out of one hand. Vital-Office completes the efforts of constructing a “high energy building”! Further information under . Information to the conference under 4th_ICSFSBE_Proceedings_2009/2009_Proceedings_Preliminaries.pdf.



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The 4th International Conference on Scientific Feng Shui & Built Environment in Hong Kong:
4. Internationale Konferenz �ber wissenschaftliches Feng Shui in der Architektur

4. Internationale Konferenz �ber wissenschaftliches Feng Shui in der Architektur
Campus of City University


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Vital-Office-optimized workplace

Anthropometric desks from Vital-Office



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