Motifs motivate - Innovative Softprotections from Vital-Office add creativity to the office

The vital Office group, specialist for office optimization, shows new ways to bring friendliness into the office workplace. With the flexibly printable soft screens a private and protected work area can be created; the innovation brings also friendliness and harmony in the office. Positive side effect: More ideas by more quality of life and a better competitiveness.

It is not a secret: Who is disturbed at its office workstation permanently by external influences, carries out in the long term no effective results of working. The particularly developed transluzent acrylic glass soft screens of Vital Office do not only help to protect the privacy sphere from the front but  also brings friendliness, harmony, color and nature in the office. In order to create the necessary inspiration on the job, Vital Office developed three different standards: „Living Environment Design “, „Sacred Geometry Art“ and „Vital Office Graphics“ to energize with colors and forms the inspiration of the coworkers and at the end foster creativity and health. „A combination of several colors, for example in form of a bloom meadow, affects the human mind verifiable in a health-promoting way“, explains managing director Peter Jordan. A further advantage of the soft screens: They are relatively easy to handle and equipped with a connection solvable of the table. Thus they can be easily removed and exchanged and the entrance to the cable chanel for the Office devices under the desk are ensured.

Only who feels safe on the job, communicates and becomes creative

Additionally the soft screens make a contribution to security and privacy sphere. Both are conditions, in order to feel well and be creative and communicative. Vital Office refers to the perception: Who feels unsafe at his job by a missing privacy area, unconsciously creates alternative safety areas. The possible consequence: The coworkers behave reserved, which for the working climate and the production of new ideas is again bad. With the ergonomic and individually printable soft screens Vital Office makes a contribution for inspired coworker, good communication, creative interaction and at the end a better competitiveness of the respective organization. A win win situation for the organization and their coworker.

Vital Office has committed itself to the motivation and health of office-workers.  Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working atmosphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at



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Motifs motivate - Innovative Softprotections from Vital-Office add creativity to the office



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