Circon Face executive desk

Dynamic for executives

Nowadays the preference is for clearly defined surfaces and curves.  Straight lines and large semicircles which intersect in space plus exciting ellipses. Exactly like this current trend is the design of “face” the executive desk system by vital-office.

Minimalistic, cool and sensually appealing – these are the attributes of  this bold furniture design. Crisp flowing surfaces lead the eye and open up a room’s space. Combinations in noble veneers and matt deluxe lacquers portray the executive’s exclusive high class atmosphere.

Face is technically and functionally crafted to perfection. In combination with its attached gas-spring or motor driven "stand-up" unit, face additionally offers healthy ergonomic features for executives to maintain their vitality. Needless to say, cabling for computers is perfectly stored in the board and easily accessible through service doors.

With its clear cut design and its fine tuned functionality, face is the basic desk-system for creative, successful and healthy working. A clear decision for style.

The unique design of circon face base table is perfect for a noble conference table. Two base tables are joined and if more length needed atop is added in the middle.

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Modern „Team And Work“ work-station for executives



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