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Our aim is to create a living office space. We bring together ergonomic office planning and furniture design, modern Baubiology and a traditional way of performance-enhancing interior design and decoration (Feng Shui).

Vital Office Group consists of various experts in each field and offers full size service out of one hand. We complete the efforts of constructing a “high energy building”!

The working time in the office is a phase in the life of many people, which plays an important role in maintaining their health. The office constitutes a working environment with a multitude of physical and psychological demands, challenges or stresses, which have a long term effect on the person working in an office. A high degree of psychologically influenced misconduct and resultant physical ailments are a result of this.

On the contrary, a meticulous and holistic design of the working environment can also promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the well being of body and mind. This also promotes productivity and the ability of innovation of the company.

Vital-Office manufactures furniture systems that inspire and motivate. Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working sphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics - a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace

The environment, in which we dwell for extended periods, affects our psyche. Vital-Office offers a broad selection of forms and an extensive color program to suit individual requirements enhancing individual expression and “Corporate Identity”.

When planning office spaces we cater to the individual needs of the customer with the most effective solution to the daily routine for more vitality in the daily office routine with a high measure of flexibility for changing conditions.


Our aim is to design a living office space: ergonomic, healthy and vitalizing for high business performance.

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